Who we are?

Hala Świebodzki bar & food court is the first food court in Wrocław. The space within the Hall is occupied by well-known Wrocław culinary concepts as well as new projects. The food court solves the eternal problem of choosing a meeting place and the type of cuisine that everyone craves. From now on, in one location, you will find diverse culinary options. The Hall cares about both culinary and artistic experiences. Events, fairs, and many other artistic initiatives are organized within its space.


The Hall is composed of diverse culinary concepts and a large, well-stocked bar. The bar features colorful cocktails, Tyskie beer on tap, prosecco on tap, cider, and craft beers. In addition to alcoholic beverages, the Hall offers numerous non-alcoholic drink options, such as lemonades, frozen teas, lemon tonics, Kyoto cold brew, and non-alcoholic beers.


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